We Accept:

Fall and winter Clothing (Birth-Juniors + Maternity) including short sleeve and shorts but no tank tops. -It is a great time for all those Halloween costumes - Shoes -Baby Gear (high chairs, pack n' plays, strollers, car seats, exersaucers, etc) -Toys -Books -Outdoor Toys -Designers handbags in good condition

We Don't Accept:

-Recalled items -Any battery operated toys, swings, or bouncers that do not have working batteries installed. -Used Bedding (Comforters, crib bumpers, bedspreads, etc - Texas law prevents us from reselling). We will take sheets and baby blankets. -VHS tapes -Out-of-date clothing (it will not sell) -Stained, torn or overly worn clothing, shoes, etc. -Items with missing buttons, broken zippers, or lost parts -Baby equipment that is not clean -Loose toys, unless it is theme oriented and bagged together in lots (bags of all Army toys, Barbie toys, cars, etc is OK)